Dana Thorsen

Dana Thorsen

Women have always spent their lives taking care of everyone else, which is great!!!

However, it’s time for us to bond together and cherish each other and take care of ourselves. The world is so often negative, and it is draining.

I will speak with you over coffee or wine, in a very relaxed atmosphere. Let us figure out what is in your life, that you desire to be better.

Need to shed some pounds (don’t we all?), I will support you with healthy eating tips, I have a walking club and other fun classes to help achieve that goal.

Have financial issues? I will connect you with someone who can help with that. My mission is to not only listen to your concerns but to take an active part in helping you achieve your success!!!

Also, every month one of you, can choose a charity of your choice, to have us donate a dollar for every transaction we complete too!! I really want to do what we can, to help make the world a better place!! I can’t wait to meet you!!

I believe if you wake up every morning and choose joy… it will come. I look forward to meeting you, and helping you find your joy!!

Hugs, Dana