Find your joy!!!!

Friendly Advice LLC Opening March 1st, 2019


Women are always taking care of other people: your children, your husband, the house, the job…there never seems to be any time left for you…Now, it’s time to take care of you! We have built a beautiful space for you to come to, to learn how to live your best life choosing joy, every day regardless of your current situation. Imagine having a place to go to, that is warm and inviting, with happy caring people, that want to help you find your joy!



Friend Therapy

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Get motivational friendly advice from one of our confidential friend therapists. We will truly hear your goals and develop methods of helping you achieve those goals.

Monthly Memberships are available.

Get Healthy and Beautiful

Participate in our Weight Loss Program.

Join our walking club for to join a like minded community of people with the same goals.

We will also have Yoga, Big Girl Yoga (You asked for it!) and Pilates classes.

Join us at our Monday Makeover nights.

Get Crafty With Friends


Enjoy Woodworking Wednesday and Fancy Friday events for joy and laughter and something to take home!

Private Parties

Rent our space for a small gathering. Either a guided Wood sign making party or any other cozy, intimate function!! Send us an email to find out more information!!!


Calendar of Events at Friendly Advice LLC

Make that call... there’s someone to help you.